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Terms of use


This description of our business conditions only serves general needs for information. They do not specify legal and consulting particulars and do not specify clients´ relations and contractual requirements. The content of this website has been carefully researched and formulated. At the same time Wald-Consult cannot warrent the accuracy, completeness, and current value of the information provided. The same thing applies for the form and content of linked websites which we refer to as hyperlinks directly or indirectly. No responsibility can be assumed for confidentiality of data transmission per e-mail.


Warranty for the accuracy of offers
All offers especially but not exclusively related to the acquisition of real estate or for capitol investments on our homepage have been written with extreme care. Offers by Wald-Consult are completely open and not binding. Changes, additions, mistakes and supplements are all possible. One must reckon with changes, additions, mistakes and supplements. We obtain the information about properties which we offer from landowners and from people, for example, or businesses which have been authorized by the owners of real estate or from representatives of capital management. We can accept no responsibility and warranty for the contents, the correctness, completeness and correctness of these offers


Responsibility for links
Our offers contain links to other websites upon which we have no influence. Therefore we cannot assume responsibility for the correctness of their content. The owner of those sites is responsible for their accuracy.
We do investigate the legalities of the sites at the time when we post them. We did not observe anything (illegal) about their content at that time. It would be impossible continuously to check out their content for improprieties without a concrete reason for doing so. If we notice any improprieties we remove the links.


The material quoted on these pages is subject to German copyright law. Any duplication, reworking, or publication and every form of use outside of the copyright rights of the owner of this material require the written consent of the author or owner. Downloads and copies of this kind can only be made for private but not commercial use. We will take pains to make clear when material has been quoted. However, if you should notice any copyright infringements, please call these to our attention. We will remove any improper material when we notice it immediately.


Privacy protection
Usually you can use our website without releasing your name or other personal information. If personal information (such as name, address or email address) is asked for, providing such is always to be understood as an option. This information will not be forwarded to others without your express permission. We point out that internet information (e.g. communication by e-mail) can be insecure. Internet transmission is not secure from hackers.

We forbid the use of the contacts published here for the sending of unsolicited material whether information or advertising. We reserve the right to prosecute those who send the contacts published here unsolicited material spam.


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