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Wald-Consult Ltd.

Your partner for sustainable investments in forested and agricultural land

We are ready to join clients who wish to buy or sell agricultural and forested land as an independent and expert consultant and service provider. Our expertise and our international network of partners will help you with finding the right asset or perfect buyer.


In addition, we advise landowners in their goals of creating new sources of income. Among other ideas we suggest production of woody biomass, land transactions involving area pools including marketing and selling of ecological units and dealing with CO2 certificates (emissions certificates) related to reforestation and protection of wooded land.


The key to long-term success in the case of agricultural and forested land, however, lies in excellent knowledge of markets and expert knowledge of land, forests and the timber industry. We serve our clients with a dependable, continuous long-term strategy refined by knowledge of local conditions.

Evaluating risk and recognizing opportunities is particularly of importance in investments in other countries, especially in agricultural and forested land.


Independent and expert advice like that of Wald-Consult Ltd is grounded in interdisciplinary knowledge and wide sources of expertise, comprising a network of professionals in the countries of investment.

Our understanding of independent and expert consulting results in the exclusive representation of our clients' interests and make clear any conflict of interest.


Our company has experts at hand who are ready to serve clients in all their needs relating to real estate, contracts and tax law and permanent residency in the various countries. All areas of agriculture, forest farming and timber production, ecology and environmental protection are covered.




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Wald-Consult Ltd.
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